Both marble and granite have an incredible beauty. Thanks to the unique drawings and variation of shades in its composition. The use of the backlight is a big trend in decoration of architectural projects, because it allows to highlight what the natural stone has the best to offer.

The backlight is only possible in translucent materials or in our materials that have the Pietrafina technology.

Pietrafina technology consists in decrease the stone’s density. It goes through an exclusive cutting process and other transformations to become translucent. This effect by itself is already gorgeous and besides making the materials translucent, this technology also permits more lightness and resistance. It’s incredible, isn’t it?

The light applied on the back excels the veins and colors of the materials, which makes the beauty of the stone even more in evidence.

Backlight fireplace - Pietrafina

Fireplace – Architect: Manu Cancela.

Backlight - Pietrafina project

Project by Fabricator Pedra Moderna.

Pietrafina technology - Casa Cor 2014

Architect: Tufi Mussi.

Backlight marble - Pietrafina

Architect: Hecher Yllana.

Backlight: Pietrafina - Ana Cristina Avila

Architect: Ana Cristina Avila.

Backlight marble - Gastão Lima

Architect: Gastão Lima.

Pietra Fina - Casa Cor Curitiba 2015

Architect: Gislaine Tourinho.

Loft Casa Cor Curitiba - Pietrafina

Architect: Christian Schonhofen and Richard Schonhofen.

Pietra Fina technology - Casa Cor 2014

Mostra Casa Cor 2014 – Itajaí (Brazil)

Translucent materials are most used in internal environments as walls, fireplaces, stairways, and countertops. However, there are uncountable possibilities of application, it depends on your creativity and boldness.

Pietra Fina - Mostra Casa Cor SC

Mostra Casa Cor 2014 – Itajaí (Brazil)

The most indicated bulb to emphasize the beauty of the natural stone is the LED, because it allows to use different colors in backlight: blue, purple, green, yellow, among others. You can check out in our webpage a preview of how Pietrafina looks like with the light.

PR Marble & Granite offers a variety of marbles, granites, and other materials from its own quarries. Get in contact with us for more information about our products!



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