If you are an architect or interior designer, you have probably already asked yourself about the difference between Quartz Surface and Quartzite. Although marble and granite are the most popular, there are other options in the universe of ornamental stones.

Quartz Surface

Quartz Surface are industrial stones relatively new in the market. The product is composed by 93% of natural quartzite (one of the most resistant mineral of nature), polymers and dyes, resulting in one product with high performance, with indefinite warranty period and may have an eternal life.

For those who seek innovation, modernity, and luxury, with the security of quality and resistance to stains and scratches, mainly for kitchen countertops and gourmet spaces, Quartz Surface is the right option.

Quartz Surface Calacatta man made - PR Group Paraná

Quartz Surface – Calacatta man made.

Cleaning quartz surface should be done with a sponge and neutral detergent. Products that have ammonia, ink removers and strong chemical products can damage the material.

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Quartzite is a metamorphic natural stone essentially composed by quartzite. In general, it is formed sedimentary rocks and has high resistance to chemical and physical weathering.

Quartzite Taj Mahal - PR Group Paraná

Quartzite – Taj Mahal.

In construction, its applicability is vast, because it has elegant visual characteristics like marbles, but it has high resistance like granites. For this reason, it can be applied from kitchen countertops to decorative panels. Since it is a hard material and, therefore, with a higher production cost, it has a more expressive commercial value when compared with other stones. It does not require waterproof and it can be used both in internal and external areas.

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