The physical characteristics and unique patterns make the Dolomite Meta Quartzite one of the rarest, most resistant, and beautiful in the world. This national ornamental stone of calcareous origin stands out by its beauty and high resistance to water absorption. This material also attracts a lot of attention on international market due to functional benefits as well as the esthetics which provides elegance, sophistication, and luxury for architecture projects. White color is the most perfect among all colors. White is timeless, which makes the stone versatile on composition of places in a modern and cleanily way. The Dolomite Meta Quartzite White PR can be applied in countertops, floors, wall coatings, among others. White PR Quarry is in the south region of Brazil. This material can be found in our branches Paraná, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo (Brazil) and Florida (United States). Available in PR Calacata, PR Perlato, PR Classic, Lotus PR, Nimbus White PR, Macchiavechia PR, Nacar PR and PR Pagliarino. Materials available in finishings: polished, satin, and brushed.
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