Limestone Crema PR is a stone of calcareous origin, although not metamorphic, was generated from marine sediments rich in calcium. After undergoing a solidification process, it acquired physical properties for a limestone, such as high strength, low absorption, and its rare beauty. Its color in beige tone conveys calm and sophistication, being able to be associated with both contemporary and classic. Crema PR provides structural and esthetic benefits for the places. It has a lot of elegance, besides being most resistant if compared with other marbles, it is good for floors and wall coatings. However, it's possible to apply in other projects like tables, countertops, stairs, balcony, among other items that help to compose the interior design. Crema PR Quarry is in the northeast region of Brazil. PR Group Paraná produces and distributes the products at the branches in Paraná, Minas Gerais, and Espírito Santo. It is also available in PR Fossil, White Beauty, PR Riviera, and PR Striatto with finished in polished, glossy or brushed.
Technical Data