Imperial Coffee: resistance, elegance, and sophistication - Although commercially known as granite, Imperial Coffee is classified as a syenite (alcaline stone). This stone is basically composed by feldspar and mica, while granites have more quartz in their composition. For this reason, the syenite is easier to be polished, thus achieving a high degree of brightness, and there is higher resistance to water absorption and scratches compared to other granites. Its homogeneous coloring and dense dark brown emanates something massive, dense, and compact, which suggests safety and solidity. When it’s applied, Imperial Coffee is associated with comfort, stability, endurance, and simplicity. This material warms the decor in internal and external areas, works well both commercial or residential. The material adds sophistication and sobriety to environments easily harmonizing with neutral colors like beige and its varieties, black, white, and green. It offers innumerable possibilities of application, such as floor coatings, walls, countertops, fireplaces, panels, among others. Imperial Coffee Quarry and its production are in Santa Rita de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil. PR Group Paraná distributes and sells to national and international market. It can be found in finishing: polished, glossy or brushed.
Technical Data