It is true that until a few years back, only the richest could afford granite. But nowadays, with the advances that have been made in the extraction and processing of stones, the reality has changed. As a general rule, there is a huge variety of Marble and Granite at your disposal.

1º They are more hygienic for environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.

2º They bring much more beauty to any environment, whether in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room or office.

3º Cleaning is very simple, while other materials create mold and need strong chemical products that may be harmful.

4º It adds value to the project, they have high durability and incomparable aesthetics.

We indicate the granite for all uses and applications . Marbles are also of extremely hight quality can even be used in kitchen countertops as well as bathroom areas and external finishes. There are a few marbles of hight hardness that with a good waterproofinf will surely meet your needs.

Some granites have the hardness close to that of a diamond. However, there are some granites that are more porous, during the industrial manufacturing process and or installation these granites can be waterproofed.

Regular maintenance is easy, only soap with water is enough. This simple maintenance will keep the material clean for a lifetime. Do not apply any type of chemical remover, to avoid causing stains on the stone.

No. Granite is a very durable work surface and this has been proven over the centuries. What can come to damage the granite are usually diamonds or another piece of granite.

  • Smooth, have brighter (Polished).
  • Honed without brighter.
  • Textured (Brushed / Leather Finish).
  • Non-slip (Flamed / Bust Hammered)

No. The stone vats is for use only in washbasins, whether they are toilets.

Yes. You can use both Marble and granite. There are features to have the non-slip granite and marble: flaming, blasting, etc.

Marble and granite last forever. It is required proper maintenance to always look good. Another valuable resource, these materials accept restoration, or to regain natural brilliance after several years, simply hire a company specializing in polishing for the material to look new again. Porcelain tiles cannot be restored.

Almost close to a natural stone. It is industrialized the material also known as quartz surface.

Certainly, but a professional (preferably an engineer) should be consulted. The existing floor will be evaluated and the installation will be with special mortar.